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The "Self-Ventilating" Steel Roof System

A high-performance solution to ice damming and condensation we can have confidence in.

Self-ventilating steel roof
Self-Ventilating Steel Roof (Straight Rib Style)

A self-ventilating steel roof, which does not rely on the existing roof assembly for air flow, is the answer to an inadequately vented and poorly designed roof system. This solution was designed to completely eliminate the challenges associated with ventilation design flaws, which cause ice damming and condensation issues within the roof assembly. Certain construction styles, such as "storey and a half" homes, low-slope roofs, cathedrals and buildings with multiple additions, notoriously run into serious ventilation problems.

The self-ventilating roof system is simple and works by offering a new continuous air channel above the existing roof to effectively dissipate heat. Working in conjunction with a radiant barrier, this keeps the roof surface temperature down and in harmony with exterior temperatures, eliminating ice damming and condensation issues.

Pictured above: Self-ventilating system used on low slope to eliminate ice damming issues

An added bonus: this system works both ways! By also greatly reducing heat gain in hot summer months, the living space is kept much cooler.

A problem-free roof system for life.

Download "Self-Ventilating" PDF:

Self-Ventilating Steel Roof System
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