A Self-Ventilating Steel Roof Solution

Some homes, by design, are seemingly impossible to properly ventilate. But is there a solution?

Self-ventilating steel roof
Self-Ventilating Steel Roof (Straight Rib Style)

A self-ventilating steel roof, which does not rely on the existing roof assembly for air flow, is our answer to an inadequately vented and poorly designed roof. This system was introduced to overcome the sometimes disheartening challenge of dealing with ventilation troubles, ice damming and condensation issues within the roof assembly on some homes (usually older homes). The self-ventilating roof system is simple and works by offering a new continuous air channel above the existing roof to effectively dissipate heat. This keeps the roof surface temperature down, greatly reducing snow melt and ice formation. Further to that, a radiant barrier is used to further reduce heat transfer to the roof surface. As bonus, this helps to keep the living space much cooler in hot summer months as well.

View the linked PDF document below to learn more:

Self-Ventilating Steel Roof System
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