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Emergency Roof Service Sudbury

Patch + Repair Services

Emergency Service Response

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Emergency roof services are intended for emergency situations to mitigate or prevent leaking and damage to your property in a timely manner. As time is of the essence, this service is not intended to be an aesthetically 'finished' or permanent repair. Roofing membrane and/or other materials are used to provide a functional temporary waterproofing. In some cases, however, a permanent repair can be made while on-site.

Service Team Response Time

< 24 HRS

Greater Sudbury

*Note: Payment required in order to dispatch Emergency service.

Terms of Service

Our priority roof service is intended as an emergency response following windstorms, adverse weather or as a fast response to troubleshooting leaks and providing a temporary patch to mitigate leaking. Our team cannot guarantee or warranty temporary patches despite our best efforts and high success rate to provide our customers with peace of mind and turn-key solutions. Our emergency service fee is a 1HR callout charge, which includes an on-site inspection, temporary leak mitigation repair (whenever possible), miscellaneous materials, photos of findings and an inspection report that can be submitted directly to your insurance company should you choose to do so. We are here to assist you however possible. In some situations, additional work may be required and, whenever appropriate, we will make further recommendations following our emergency attendance.

Upon receipt of payment your request will be added to our priority service queue. You will receive e-mail confirmation and status updates automatically.

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