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Our mission is to coordinate and develop building exterior services for the betterment of our community through innovation, proven quality standards, and guided investment.


Frontline Roofing Company Ltd. is a group of passionate people who share a common appreciation for quality workmanship and integrity in the construction trade. Its members have obtained a number of certifications from manufacturers, standards organizations and training institutions, which includes ongoing safety and working at heights training as per Ontario's IHSA requirements. Established in 2018 by Jesse and Megan Prud'Homme, Frontline continues to lead as innovator and trend-setter in the roofing trade, developing new products and services to meet the unique needs of the north.

We strive to offer the best building exterior service experience for your peace of mind during and after.


In addition to conventional roofing, such as asphalt shingling, the Frontline Team further sets itself apart with its expertise in working with other specialty roof types, including steel roofing systems, heat-welded membranes for low-slope applications and building exterior finishing systems.


"To foster excellence in construction, from investment to installation."

Jesse + Megan Prud'Homme



"It has been a gift to see our family business become a positive influence in the lives of many people - customers, employees, business associates. Frontline is now a family business of many families."

Isiah Gibson



Working in the roofing trade for over a decade, Isiah has developed a wealth of insight from practical hands-on experience over the years, which has been - and continues to be - invaluable in the development of the Frontline service experience. 

Our Team

Working ambitiously with integrity and respect.

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Certified Velux Installer
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