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Insulated Skylight Covers

Skylight + Snow = Ice

Some skylights always seem to get covered in snow... And when they do...

Snow melts on the warm glass and forms ice below. Ice builds up and creates an ice dam. Dams cause a leak in your home. Leaks cause you to call Frontline. Calls cause us to tell you, once again, about ice damming.

Skylights are a joy to have when the sun is shining through, but many skylights are under a foot of snow for much of the winter. For those skylights prone to getting covered in snow, homeowners are stuck either dealing with ice dams or tasked with clearing the snow of the glass after a heavy snowfall.

For those of you in that predicament, there is another way to deal with this. You can dramatically reduce heat loss and reduce ice damming below your skylight by winterizing with an insulated skylight enclosure (see below).

Heavy Duty Insulated Vinyl Cover

A cover for your skylight is custom and made to fit. For standard skylights, we sell a custom-made insulated vinyl fabric cover (photo above). Alternatively, they may be fabricated in our shop.

We make the cover specific to the size and style of skylight you have. The enclosures are designed to seat snug around the base of the skylight. They are simple to install if you prefer to do it yourself, or you can have our service unit take care of it for you.

Standard removable insulated enclosures are designed to be removed in the spring so you can have your sunlight back after winter passes.

If you think this might be helpful for your situation, don't be shy to get in touch by calling 705-592-2129 or request a quote right on our website.


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