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  • Designed for 3/12 to 4/12 roof pitch
  • Provides 12" additional clearance from roof surface for CT4 exhaust trap
  • Curb fabricated with 24ga steel (galvalume, black finish)
  • Curb base 16" x 16"
  • Curb shaft 8" x 8"
  • Curb flange 4"
  • All laps and joints riveted and sealed with high quality tripolymer sealant.



  • Flanged Steel Curb Mount
  • CT4 Exhaust Trap (Manufactured by Maximum Ventilation)
  • Screws (Required for Installation)


Not Included

  • Installation not included - this is for the product only.
  • 4" Insulated piping/duct for hook up.


Please contact us at for assistance with installation.

Installation videos coming soon!

Raised 12" Curb with 4" Exhaust Trap (12-412-CT4)

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