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Mechanical Lock Standing Seam - The Answer to Low-Slope Roofing Challenges

Blowing snow, driving rain, ice damming, extreme cold, extreme heat - all elements we contend with in the north. Over the years, our team has found that popular conventional industrial style buildings (especially with low-slope roof construction) were never designed to withstand the threat of ice damming and ponding water that usually occurs during our winters and following the thaw.

Frontline has made substantial investments in tools, equipment and personnel training to bring forth the right solution for low-slope applications, integrating the latest seaming technology and sheet metal forming techniques.

Our mechanical lock standing seam panels are made of 24ga steel (or optionally 26ga for some applications).

The 24ga steel is thicker and tougher than any ordinary 'barn' steel often seen on buildings in our region making the standing seam an excellent choice for any industrial scenario. With a 1-1/2" upstand, the 16" wide Mechanical Lock Standing Seam panels are mechanically seamed in two stages with a manual or powered bending and forming tool. The single stage seaming method is adequate for many applications, however, for low-slope applications the second stage seam is required. With a two stage seam, ice damming and the threat of ponding water are no longer a concern.

Two-stage Standing Seam

Typical exposed fastener corrugated steel panels are known to fail in less than 10-15 years because of gasket deterioration and reliance on sealant.

The Mechanical Lock Standing Seam roof system has zero exposed fasteners with no caulking joints and no gaskets or sealant, there is absolutely zero required maintenance. Each and every component of the roof is mechanically formed and seamed together, designed to freely expand and contract with the daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations.

Extruded on-site from 24ga steel coil, our specialized roll former produces panels to fit each building for a seamless eave to ridge finish.

For more information or a free quotation, get in touch with our team to make it happen.


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