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Industrial Steel Roofing - Solutions for Longterm Protection

Introducing the Westman Deck Mate industrial steel roofing panel, designed with durability in mind.

With a 1-1/2" high rib, the Deck Mate profile is suitable for typical purlin spans found on most industrial buildings where structural integrity is necessary. The Deck Mate profile offers advanced benefits, such as long service life and little maintenance over traditional roofing materials.

Westman Deck Mate 24ga - Available in galvanized and a variety of finishes

Our team, based out of Val Caron, ON, supplies and installs 24 gauge or 26 gauge steel roof panels manufactured by Westman Steel Industries, to meet or exceed building specifications and requirements.

The profile is for pitched roofing applications where slopes are no less than 2/12. For industrial applications where roof pitch is less, check out the Mechanical Lock 24ga Standing Seam.

For more information, please contact our sales team.


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